Leonay – 19th June


The day started well with a free BBQ put on by the committee and the forecasted showers not happening, however 2 holes in the heavens opened and dropped the mother load on us today with the biggest challenges being the 90+mm of rain creating a few water laden greens. Having played with the winner Michael “Weasley” Whealey I bet he is hoping it rains cats, dogs and mice every week!

Results Below

Winner – Michael “Weasley” Whealey 39

2nd – Mark Albury 36

3rd – Ron Hewitt 34

4th – Andrew “Kris or Keith” Camillerri 33

5th – Dean Clarke 31

Bradman – Kris “can’t play golf” Asprey


Adrian Brangwin

Michael Harrison

Michael “Weasley” Whealey


Riverside Oaks – 15th May

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Another great day of golf today @ Riverside Oaks. 2BBB and single stableford were the order of the day.

Adrian “Has been playing for his handicap” Brangwin finally thought he had lost enough shots to start putting in an effort and won the day with a stable ford score of 42.

The 2BBB went to the pairing of Michael Whealey and Brent Ballinger. A massive joint score of 48 points saw them take out the day. There are still a few questions being raised as to why this pairing were so adamant to play together and a sub committee are currently running an investigation…

Results Below

Winner – Adrian Brangwin 42

2nd – Stu Charleston 41

3rd – Bob McCrae 39

4th – Brent Ballinger 38

5th – Michael Harrison 36 (Count-back)

2BBB – Michael Whealey & Brent Ballinger

Bradman – Andrew Nehme

Nearest Pins

4th – Gavin Thomas

8th – Tony Therect

11th – Gary Gillet

Memorial Cup – Adrian Brangwin

Drive N Chip – Chris Liney

Longest Drive A Grade – Adrian Brangwin

Longest Drive B Grade – Brenden Lashlie

Longest Drive C Grade – Mark Albury

Birdies – Bob McCrae | Andrew Nehme | Gary Gillet | Geoff Kelly




Windsor – 17th April


The course, weather and golfing were superb @ Windsor today. Besides the through the trees and bunker then chip in birdie on the 9th, there were some solid golf which deserved the massive amount of shots lost.

Winner – Spyro Kalpidis

2nd – Mark Albury

3rd – Raff Petrone

4th – Andrew Camilleri

5th – Peter Newman

Kris Asprey | Peter Newman(3) | Dean Clark | Brendan Lashlie | Gavin Thomas | Mike Harrison | Adrian Brangwin | Tony Thurect | Bob McCrae


The Hills Social Golf Club


Welcome to the website for The Hills Social Golf Club. A club run by members for our social members comprising of a total of 80 members with a regular playing group of 30+.

Each month we play across multiple high-end golf clubs in the North west ranging from Riverside Golf Club and Stone Cutters Ridge to Cabramatta and Muirfield.

All games cost no more then $40 with prize money each game totalling $150. Allthis cuminating in our weekend away with guests and members taking part each year a 2 day golfing weekend away on the 1st weekend in November.

To get on board please drop us a line.