The Golf Club has been established for the purpose of promoting fellowship and recreational activity for members through the medium of sport

The Social Golf Club, an approved entity of the Hills Club, operates at all times in accordance with the constitution of the Bowling Club or any other conditions imposed.


Golf Club Members must be a financial member of the Hills Club. An annual subscription, determined at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, is payable at the beginning of each golfing calendar year or as otherwise determined by the committee. One month will be allowed for payment of subscriptions to be finalised before members names are removed from the membership register.

Life members of the Golf Club are exempt from the payment of Annual Subscriptions.


To be eligible for Life Membership, a member must exhibit evidence involvement in the operation and promotion of the Social Golf Club for a period of 10 years. A proposal for life membership must be signed by 2 financial members of the Golf Club and submitted at an Annual General Meeting. Life Membership will only be bestowed by a majority vote of members.


An Annual General Meeting is held each year to elect the committee, considered and ratify reports, attend to matters of general business and process motions for which due notice was given. For a motion to be processed at an Annual General Meeting it must have been proposed and seconded by financial members of the Golf Club and delivered to the committee not less than 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting for display on the club notice board 14 days prior to the AGM.

By Law amendments are to be carried by a quorum of 25% at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting


The Committee shall comprise of the following positions unless otherwise determined at an Annual General Meeting:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Captain
  • Handicapper


The Match Committee is made up of the President, Captain and Handicapper, and is responsible for the determination of events and all matters relating to the conduct of such events or interpretation of rules.


Match Fees are determined by the committee to take into consideration expenses such as green fees, prizes and running costs for all events.



  1. A Starting Sheet for each event is posted on the Golf Club notice board in the bowling club approximately 2 weeks prior to each event. Members wishing to participate can place their own name plus 3 others names on the sheet in numerical order. If more than 3 names are placed on the starting sheet, those additional names will be placed in the reserved list.
  2. A member whose name remains on the starting sheet after 6.00pm on the Friday prior to the match and who subsequently does not attend will, unless otherwise determined by the committee, be charged green fees if charged by the Golf Club on the day.
  3. Members may not place their name on the sheet in a position previously filled by a member and whose name has been subsequently crossed out or deleted. Names placed in such positions will be removed and placed at the end of the field and may miss out on playing in the event should final numbers be in excess of players permitted.
  4. It is not always possible to increase numbers booked for the event with the Golf Course. Members whose names are listed in the positions in excess of the number booked (shown on the sheet) should check the sheet before 6.00pm on the Friday before the game to confirm their spot for the match.
  5. A Member who has missed 3 consecutive games will play off ¾ of his handicap for the next game he plays. If extenuating circumstances exist for a particular member, the handicapper may take the case to the match committee for a decision to waive the rule for that person. This rule applies to all games except the Christmas Cheer event.



The rules of golf strictly apply at all times. The following rules have been adopted by the committee to facilitate the speed of the game wherever possible.


If a ball is lost, rather than return to where the ball was last played, to speed up the game, you must, drop another ball at a point where the player and marker agree the ball was lost and take a 2 stroke penalty. This does not mean dropping on the fairway. Common sense and spirit of the game should always prevail in determining the place where the ball is dropped.

Water Hazard: Normal rules of golf apply

Lateral Hazard: Normal rules of golf apply


  1. A ball clearly identified as ‘out of bounds’ when originally hit should be replayed from the original point of the tee or fairway in accordance with the rules of Golf. This incurs a 1 stroke penalty.
  1. If a player/marker is unsure as to the result of a shot, a provisional ball should be played from the original point and a 1 stroke penalty taken if it is found that the original ball is out of bounds.
  2. If a ball is subsequently found to be out of bounds after a player has played the stroke and walked to the ball, without playing a provisional ball, the next shot should be played from the point of entry to the out of bounds (in agreement with your marker), and the player incurs a 2 stroke penalty. Loss of stroke and distance. Remember if there is any chance that the ball has gone out of bounds – play a provisional ball with a 1 shot penalty. A provisional ball played from the tee box can be re-teed.



All players must comply with course etiquette and attempt to move quickly between shots to maintain their position in the field. If slowed down for any reason a group should call the following group through.


A Preferred Lie of 30cm can be taken on Fairways only, no closer to the hole unless otherwise determined by the match committee or course rules on the day.


In ‘Ambrose events’ players are permitted to putt- out at their markers discretion without incurring a penalty. Should the first player miss the hole on putting out , and the second player subsequently misses his first putt, he must take his next putt from the spot the first player putted out, even though he may have finished closer to the hole with his first putt.

During play, when a ball is chosen, then the partner must place their ball within 1 club length no nearer the hole. Note: If a ball is chosen that lies within a hazard or rough then the partners ball must also be played from those positions/conditions within 1 club length no nearer the hole. The original ball can be marked and replaced within 1 club length.



Highest Aggregate point score by a member. Match points allocated on the basis of 10 points for attendance and 1 point for each player beaten at official games. Bus trips, Golfers/Bowlers and Weekend away each player allocated 1 point for each member present at each game.

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

CLUB CHAMPION                               

Lowest aggregate scratch score for 3 out of 4 rounds played at designated courses.

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

A,B & C GRADE                                    

Lowest nett score 3 out of 4 rounds played at designated courses.


Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

Individual trophy for the runner up.

PRESIDENTS SHIELD                          

‘Champions of Champions’. One match playoff between A, B & C Grade Champions at designated course.

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

CAPTAINS SHIELD                              

One match event for the best individual stableford score on the day.

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner


Highest aggregate individual stableford score over 2 days on the club weekend away.

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

THE HILLS CUP                                      

Highest aggregate for 3 out of 4 individual stableford scores played at designated courses       

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

Drawn Partners, Lowest Ambrose stroke score one the 1 day bus trip each year.

Individual trophy for each of the winners

2BBB CHAMPIONS                            

Nominated partners, Highest 2 ball stableford score played at designated course.

Individual trophy for each of the winners

Knockout Competition played on each competitors stableford handicap of the day. Played over a number of rounds until the last man standing Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner


Highest aggregate number of birdies by a member during the years designated games.

Individual trophy for the winner


‘ Bloody Average Golfer’. For the golfer who finishes the day having been beaten by just as many as he beats. Where a count back is required he will be the one that loses the countback.

Perpetual and individual trophy for the winner

Player who losses the most shots from his handicap through the year.

Individual trophy for the winner

Player who blows out his handicap, ready for the next year  

Individual trophy for the winner

MATCHDAY PRIZES       –     Prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places

  • Nearest the pin on designated par 3 holes
  • Memorial Cup, guzzlers mug on designated par 3
  • Longest Drive on designated hole for A,B & C Grades
  • Nearest the Pin in 2 strokes on the designated hole.
  • Treasure Trove, cash payout for a birdie on any par 3
  • Bradman Award

Note: where necessary a play off for major trophies will be played at the direction of the match committee, other ties etc on matchday prizes are decided on a countback as per the rules of golf