Lynwood – 19th August


It was a fresh morning with a steady 20+km/hr wind, however this didn’t stop some great golf being played and with 42 pts you can’t say it effected the golf and only internal excuses were listened too.

Winners below

Winner – Matt Wolfe – 42pts 
2nd – Dean Willard – 39pts
3rd – Jason Reed – 36 pts
4th – Brendon Lashlie – 36 pts
5th – Ron Cameron – 36pts

Bradman – Stu Charlesworth

Ross Fitspatrick | Dean Wellard x 2 | Brendon Lashlie | Taylor Bredin | Stu Charlesworth | Craig Pickrell

Nearest Pins
3rd – Paul Armstrong
14th – Taylor Bredin
17th – Richard Holmes
18th MC – Dean Wellard – 4.2m
Longest Drive A Grade – Richard Holmes
Longest Drive B Grade – Stu Charlesworth
Longest Drive C Grade – Kris Asprey

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