Muirfield – 29th July


What a day had by all! Perfect weather and even better golf ( by me )! It was a little windy and I feel that is what brought the scores down overall, with 2-5th place being 38-33pts.

Thanks to the visitors Richard Holmes, Stuart Tibben and Adam Pickerel for turning up. We look forward to seeing you next time!

Winners for the days play is as follows…

Winner – Kris (be nice to my handicap ripsy) Asprey – 44pts 
2nd – Gavin Thomas – 38pts
3rd – Dean Clark – 34 pts
4th – Paul (always in the points) Wintle – 34 pts
5th – Zac Shaw – 33pts

Match Play winner – Michael Whealey against Eric Ripps

Dean Clarke | Paul Wintle | Kris Asprey | Chris Liney x 2

Nearest Pins
2nd – Dean Clark
6th Tony Thurect
11th Dean Clark
9th Mick Thomas – 5.9m
Longest Drive A Grade – Mick Thomas
Longest Drive B Grade – Adrian Brangwin
Longest Drive C Grade – Matt Wolfe



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