Golf Weekend Away – Oct 2017

Well it’s taken a little while to get this post up because I wanted to try and forget about some of the mishaps. They say that what goes on tour stays on tour however Chris “Stackhat” Liney deserves a special mention and if you read on you may find out….

A fantastic weekend with great accommodation even with the additional charges from the great negotiation by El Presidente for breakfast! We needed it after the Friday night some of us had!

Saturday kicked off @ Nelsons Bay Golf Club and was a fantastic course followed by a short stint of punting after we missed out on the group quadrilla by a nose, the Tip of a Century that came 4th and trifecta which is still running!! Bloody horses!!

Post that we went back for a great meal at the diggers! Quite literally the biggest meal I’ve ever had. Possibly why I was in the toilet on Sunday please see below for an explanation…

Sunday we played Horizons. It was a great course from what has been previously let go.

The Winners of the weekend was everyone who came having played 2 GREAT courses and for those who didn’t come well thats your bad luck.

The real winners are below:

Tour Champion – Paul “I’m on 27 points” Wintle – 82 Points!!!

Pairs Champions – Jason “no help” Reed +  Stew ” Can’t miss a put” Charlesworth


2nd Kris Asprey

3rd Frank Vallone

NTP – Cole Dale | Chris Liney |Paul Wintle | Kris Asprey

Sunday Pairs

2nd Gary “tells people the wrong distance” Gillett + Chris Liney

3rd Paul Armstrong + Paul Wintle

NTP – Stew Charlesworth x 2 | Steve Newton | Chris Liney

The Story you’ve waited for…

Not only could Chris Liney due to ability to drink, only dribble words like a 2 year old on Friday night but on Sunday he decided he’d be smart and share some wet toilet paper with yours truly whilst I was checking the kids were fine in the pool. However he was obviously so clear headed from the previous weekends debauchery, that he threw it in the wrong cubicle and onto and to say the least INFURIATE the club pro!! To say he was angry was an understatement and I was finding it very hard to hold myself together!

A Great start to the day!!!

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