Stonecutters Ridge – 21st May

IMG_20170521_070000 (003)A foggy day and broken club to start the day on the first by yours truly. Fortunately on to the second and the weather cleared up and was magnificent. Pity the golf didn’t mirror the weather…

Game of the day was the 2BBB and was taken out by Eric Ripps and Paul Wintle.




Results Below

Winner  – Eric Ripps – 36 pts

2nd – Paul Wintle – 35 pts

3rd – Steve Newton – 35 pts

4th – Andrew (Keith) Camilleri (Callamari) – 34 pts

5th – Adrian Brangwin – 34 pts

Bradman – Raf Petrone – 18 pts


Adrian Brangwin | Spyro Kalpidis | Barnard Pearson | Harry Wagland | Geoff Kelly | Steve Newton

Nearest Pins

6th – Stu Charlesworth

16th – Tony Thurect

17th – Kris Asprey

16th – S M Jones

Drive + Pitch – Garry “El presidente”

Longest Drives

A Grade – Chris Liney

B Grade – Micheal (No one knows his last name) Wheatley

C Grade – Zac Shaw

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