Riverside Oaks (Bungool) – May 20

It’s great to be back and on the website again and I hope you enjoyed our first ever round at Riverside Oaks Bungool course.

It started with the challenge of navigating through the fog and cleared up after the second hole to a beautiful day. It is a lovely course with the only challenge trying to find your ball in the short rough. However there were many positives to this problem because 90% of the time you’d find one or more balls if you didn’t happen to find yours!

The winner of the day was not golf however a questionable return after his last round ( that I remember ) was the bradman. A big congrats and turn around to Brendan Lashlie. Group winners on the day with a gift voucher for Riverside were Harry Wagland and Michael Harrison.

We look forward to seeing you again in June @ Fox Hills.


Golf Weekend Away – Oct 2017

Well it’s taken a little while to get this post up because I wanted to try and forget about some of the mishaps. They say that what goes on tour stays on tour however Chris “Stackhat” Liney deserves a special mention and if you read on you may find out….

A fantastic weekend with great accommodation even with the additional charges from the great negotiation by El Presidente for breakfast! We needed it after the Friday night some of us had!

Saturday kicked off @ Nelsons Bay Golf Club and was a fantastic course followed by a short stint of punting after we missed out on the group quadrilla by a nose, the Tip of a Century that came 4th and trifecta which is still running!! Bloody horses!!

Post that we went back for a great meal at the diggers! Quite literally the biggest meal I’ve ever had. Possibly why I was in the toilet on Sunday please see below for an explanation…

Sunday we played Horizons. It was a great course from what has been previously let go.

The Winners of the weekend was everyone who came having played 2 GREAT courses and for those who didn’t come well thats your bad luck.

The real winners are below:

Tour Champion – Paul “I’m on 27 points” Wintle – 82 Points!!!

Pairs Champions – Jason “no help” Reed +  Stew ” Can’t miss a put” Charlesworth


2nd Kris Asprey

3rd Frank Vallone

NTP – Cole Dale | Chris Liney |Paul Wintle | Kris Asprey

Sunday Pairs

2nd Gary “tells people the wrong distance” Gillett + Chris Liney

3rd Paul Armstrong + Paul Wintle

NTP – Stew Charlesworth x 2 | Steve Newton | Chris Liney

The Story you’ve waited for…

Not only could Chris Liney due to ability to drink, only dribble words like a 2 year old on Friday night but on Sunday he decided he’d be smart and share some wet toilet paper with yours truly whilst I was checking the kids were fine in the pool. However he was obviously so clear headed from the previous weekends debauchery, that he threw it in the wrong cubicle and onto and to say the least INFURIATE the club pro!! To say he was angry was an understatement and I was finding it very hard to hold myself together!

A Great start to the day!!!

Cabramatta – 17th Sept


Another awesome day with 31 golfers taking on the course and the best weather in a long time at Cabramatta today.

The games played today were stable ford, Match play Grand Final and the Champions of Champions. Unfortunately Chris Shaw blew a knee and had to forfeit for A-grade in the Champions race and really that’s what Eric Ripps should have done as he conceded with 2 holes (should’ve been 10) to go!

Winner of Champions of Champions was Michael (soft drive) Whealey.

Winner of the Match play Granfinal was Chris (I always win) Liney.

Winner of the day went to Geoff Kelly with 47 Yes thats right! 47 POINTS!! 4 over for the day with only 1 birdie a pretty SOLID round!


Results Below

Winner  – Geoff Kelly – 47 pts

2nd – Mick Thomas – 41 pts

3rd – Craig Pickrell – 39 pts

4th – Bob Mavin – 39 pts

5th – Raf Petrone – 39 pts

Bradman – Paul Cashman – NOT ENOUGH pts


Jeff Dun | Geoff Kelly | Mick Thomas x 2 | Gavin Thomas | Harry Wagland | Steve Newton | Bob McCrae x 2 | Chris Liney x 2

Nearest Pins

7th – Spyro Kalpedis

12th – Michael Whealey

14th – Paul Armstrong

16th – Mick Thomas

Drive + Pitch – Jeff Dunn

Longest Drives

A Grade – Gavin Thomas

B Grade – Brendon Lashlie

C Grade – Raf Petrone

Lynwood – 20th August

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.55.17 AM

A picturesque day playing out at Lynnwood today as seen in this photo with a hot air balloon taking a cruise over the course.

The games played today was the third round of the club championship, match play and single stableford.

I am told that Pennants was on later in the day so pins were in difficult positioning however this did not phase the winner of the day Jason Reed with a mammoth 43 point haul!

There was even a MASSIVE EAGLE on the day which went to Ross Fitzpatrick!! CONGRATS!!!

Yours Truly came in second on the day and a tight fort battle with 3rd to 5th place all sitting on 36 points.

Winners in the match play were Chris Liney and Bob Mcrae who are to play off in the final at Cabramatta.

Results Below

Winner  – Jason Reed – 43 pts

2nd – Kris Asprey – 38 pts

3rd – Tony Thurect – 36 pts

4th – Geoff Kelly – 36 pts

5th – Stu Charlesworth – 36 pts

Bradman – Brent Ballinger – NOT ENOUGH pts


Kris Asprey | Paul Armstrong | Ross Fitzpatrick | Bob Mavin | Jason Reed | Harry Wagland | Chris Liney x 2

Nearest Pins

3rd – Paul Armstrong

9th – Mike Harrison

17th – Brent Ballinger

14th – Harry Wagland

Drive + Pitch – Chris Liney

Longest Drives

A Grade – Paul Armstrong

B Grade – Kris Asprey

C Grade – Bob Mavin


Stonecutters Ridge – 21st May

IMG_20170521_070000 (003)A foggy day and broken club to start the day on the first by yours truly. Fortunately on to the second and the weather cleared up and was magnificent. Pity the golf didn’t mirror the weather…

Game of the day was the 2BBB and was taken out by Eric Ripps and Paul Wintle.




Results Below

Winner  – Eric Ripps – 36 pts

2nd – Paul Wintle – 35 pts

3rd – Steve Newton – 35 pts

4th – Andrew (Keith) Camilleri (Callamari) – 34 pts

5th – Adrian Brangwin – 34 pts

Bradman – Raf Petrone – 18 pts


Adrian Brangwin | Spyro Kalpidis | Barnard Pearson | Harry Wagland | Geoff Kelly | Steve Newton

Nearest Pins

6th – Stu Charlesworth

16th – Tony Thurect

17th – Kris Asprey

16th – S M Jones

Drive + Pitch – Garry “El presidente”

Longest Drives

A Grade – Chris Liney

B Grade – Micheal (No one knows his last name) Wheatley

C Grade – Zac Shaw

Riverside Oaks – April 30

A perfect day both weather and golf wise (for some) at Riverside Oaks. Birds chirping, Kangaroos laying back scratching their nether regions and the last time we think that it will be warm @ 7am in the morning for a while… Well warmish!

A brilliant days play and first win for Matt Wolfe, who has been threatening to do so for a long time on 42 points. A close second to Paul Wintle on 40 points and Dave Roberts rounded of the podium on 39 points.

Fourth, fifth and sixth were very tightly contested with Stu (Drive and Pitch) Charlseworth beating Chris Liney in a countback and sixth (never usually mentioned but I want to) went to Kris Asprey!!!!

Finally we had the Bradman for the day – Brendon Lashlie on a massive 19 points!!

Other prizes

Birdies – Ron Cameron | Kris Asprey | Brent Ballinger | Spyro | Neil Gillett | Adrian Brangwin |

Nearest to Pins – 4th Col Dale | 11th Spyro | 11B Gary El president |

Memorial Cup – Keith Camelleri

Longest Drive

A Grade – Jeff Dunn
B Grade – NA
C Grade – Rod Watts

Drive & Pitch – Stu Charleworth

We look forward to seeing you all back again @ Stonecutters in May!!!

Calderwood – March 12

A brilliant day @ Calderwood in the southern highlands for our last game. A day trip which included a bus ride and possibly a few cheeky beers thrown in. Possibly this is where Gazza got the courage to wear those shorts again!!!

The format for this day was a multiplier event with drawn partners (sort of). The winners today are below. I feel there needs to be a spotlight on the handicapper with the high scoring that is coming in these days!!!

Winners were Spyro Kalpidis and Steve Newton on 89 points

Runners Up were Paul Wintle and Rod Watts on less than 89 points.

The best individual scorer was Paul Wintle with 48 points.

There has been a formal protest made and the committee is in negotiations(for beers) for our resident Captain Chris Liney to lose 4 strokes off his handicap given his fleeting love with a tree.